My very first blog post. The phrase sounds overwhelming, doesn’t it? Mixed with excitement, curiosity, eagerness. My bestie keeps telling me I should do this, so here goes. You can read the resume/first-date version of who I am here on my page, but I thought today I would focus on talking about YOU, and US, less than I talk about me. Some writers can be quite self-absorbed. You can’t blame us, we are a solitary bunch, so connections can be hard for some of us. Not because we lack empathy–in fact–we understand you and feel you with such a depth that we must spill out our feelings on the page or go mad. We are solitary because, well…our task requires much introspection and quiet time. But here I go, talking about me.

I love people. They inspire me, surprise me, teach me, love me,  horrify me, and entertain me. I want to do those things for you as well. I hope to talk about a variety of topics here, with really only a few rules: I vow to be honest, and I vow to honor you as readers, both imperfectly so, but both to the best of my ability. I vow to stay accountable for what I say. I encourage you to be accountable for how you use these words. I plan to write regularly here, but with no real plan otherwise. We will go where the words take us, if that’s okay with you. I anticipate that I will share with you my ideas on womanhood, feminism, spirituality, motherhood, creativity, recovery, sexuality, friendship, intimacy, HUMANITY in short. What makes us who we are? I want to talk about the ways we are damaged, but more importantly, the ways we are healing from the damage. The ways we are fallen, and the ways we rise above our defeats. The ways we are scared, and the ways we are brave. I’ve been fortunate enough, personally and professionally, to see some of the very worst of humanity, and to witness how utterly cruel and remorseless we can be, juxtaposed against the ways we can be selfless and relentless in our commitment to helping others. I see this world as apparently hopeless at times, broken, seemingly beyond repair. I’ve observed it, and I’ve lived it. I struggle daily to ward off my own dark thoughts. I am not “outside” watching humanity rise and fall; I am human, and so are you. I am in the middle of the chaos. It might surprise you to know that I think the human struggle, dark and futile as it seems at times, is in fact unbearably beautiful.


I invite you to join  me with an open mind and an open heart. I invite you to allow me to break apart the things we once believed about ourselves and others, and re-examine them in new light (sometimes harsher, sometimes softer). I invite you to make full use of anything that speaks to you here, and I invite you to let me know when you think I’m way off the mark. This blog is ours, to do with what we will. Take from it anything that honors you. We can do this!

In truth and love,


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