About Scribewoman

As a shy little girl with a chaotic home life, I learned how to watch others carefully. I lived in my head, and there I crafted stories about people I met and recreated my own life’s stories in ways that I could never speak aloud. The oldest of three children growing up in a difficult situation, I became a nurturer early in life. By age eight, I was writing poetry about my experiences. In middle school, the girls clamored around my sappy odes to cute boys and laments about unrequited love. In high school I tried my hand at short stories. I learned quickly that my faith and my writing were the keys to not only survival, but to joy.  However, my services do not promote any specific faith or religion. They are based on client’s needs. Professionally, I have worked in education and social services for over twenty-five years, primarily working with children and adult with special needs and mental health disorders. I have a B.A. in in Psychology and an M.A. in English, and I currently make my living as a freelance writer, novelist, tutor, and life coach. I have also participated in hundreds of volunteer hours working with survivors of sexual trauma and counseling those in crisis. My passion is helping others (especially those with unresolved hurts and painful wounds)  find their voice, recognize and use their gifts, reach their life and relationship goals, and live a more creative and intentional life. That’s why I’ve designed the Recreate Your Life Programs–to support those who want more out of life, but feel stuck. If you know your story deserves a happy ending but aren’t sure how to get there, I can help.

Scribewoman offers general life coaching but specializes in creativity coaching and trauma recovery issues as well as managing depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem. I am here to offer a safe place for you to do the work of healing. Together, we will fill your toolbox with what you need to live the best life. My approach is client-centered and trauma informed. I offer single sessions via phone or video, and I offer a discount for purchasing multiple sessions at once. I have chosen to focus solely on video and/or email options for now due to our current health crisis. I am offering deeply discounted programs so that I may reach as many people as possible who need some help at an affordable rate. Every client begins with a free 45 minute discovery session, so you can meet me and see if I’m a good fit for you before spending any money.

Other options for The Recreate Your Life programs are currently on hold in my effort to serve the most clients during the COVID 19 pandemic. These programs will resume later this year and can be scheduled and purchased as packages with flexible payment options. The more in-depth programs require some writing as part of the process, and some programs are quite writing intensive. None of the programs require exceptional writing skills, however–just a willingness to be honest.

Hit the Contact Me button in the upper right or email me at Ainda@Scribewoman.net for more information.